Hi Guys

Happy New Year. I have become aware in mid to late December that not all our members have Facebook or an email address - we have been using these to keep everyone posted on what’s happening, what’s on, who’s not going to be able to make training a particular night, club videos, pictures, etc. I apologise for the lack of communication if you are one of the parents of students that are unaware of some of the events or things that are posted on Facebook. We have had some changes to the management of the club last year and we are getting to grips with what I have been missing as far as communication with either students or parents. If at any point any of you have a problem or want to talk to me about TKD, training, classes, your children etc. please grab me at training or email or call me.

A big thank you to Stu Mitchell for taking over the admin side of things - this has been a huge relief. If anyone wants to know anything about club fees, registration, etc. Stus the man and I dare say you guys will hear from him in the near future concerning these items. Also thanks to Julie Mooney for also taking an active role and also anyone else I have missed . Thanks to Jason and Bob for stepping up and helping with classes. This has made things a lot easier.

It has been noticed by examiners the quality of TKD Mosgiel is striving to achieve and succeeding and this is apparent with our awesome grading results and comments from examiners about the high level of TKD from our students. This makes me proud however there is still heaps and heaps to learn as many of the seniors will appreciate. You will find out that when you attend gradings at higher levels you are expected to know your stuff, and you can take pride in knowing that the examiners don’t just give you a pass - you have to earn it - and this makes it all the more gratifying.

I wish everyone well in their training this year. Set your goals, work hard, train hard and you will achieve.



Upcoming events

  • Round Robin 14th & 15th March Anyone can attend, including divisions for Mini Kids/ held in Christchurch
  • Grading TBC
  • Regionals 2nd & 3rd of May in / Christchurch all can attend , more the better , with any luck club will be able to assist financially + fundraising we need to get numbers ASAP
  • Nationals , Christchurch this year so achievable : all who do well at regionals will qualify to enter : 4th & 5th July – Also we will be required to supply some officials and helpers
  • Oceanias, TBC
  • IIC – International instructors course- Austraila : 2ND August