The South Island Regional Tournament is only 5 weeks away now and entries are now open (see the bottom of this post). It is essential that entries are be made before the closing date (20/04/2015) to assist with organising medals and other bookings for the tournament.

Mr Darren Ward will be the tournament arbiter this year and he will be providing some mentoring for our up and coming officials. Anyone who has done an umpires course in the last year should definitely try and get some floor time to get some practise. Mr Ward will also be running a coloured belt grading for anyone who is interested at the conclusion of the tournament (which is expected to wrap up by lunch time on the Sunday).


Teams will be broken up into:

  • Male Junior/Senior
  • Female Junior/Senior
  • Male Peewee/Intermediate
  • Female Peewee/Intermediate

That basically means big kids and adults in one group, and small kids in the other.


  • Team Patterns - One optional pattern only
  • Individual Patterns - Two designated patterns

Pattern groups are the same as the last two years so shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Power Breaking

Peewee Coloured Belts M/F

  • Elbow - 1 Green Peg Board
  • Side Kick - 1 Black Peg Board

Intermediate Coloured Belts M/F

  • Elbow - Male 1 White Polar - Female 1 Black Peg Board
  • Side Kick - Male 1 Red Polar - Female 1 White Polar

Junior Coloured Belts

  • Elbow - Male 1 Red Polar - Female 1 White Polar
  • Side Kick - Male 1 Black Polar - Female 1 Red Polar

Senior Coloured Belts

  • Elbow - Male 2 White - Female 1 White
  • Side Kick - Male 3 White - Female 2 White

Junior Dan Belts

  • Punch - Male 1 White
  • Knifehand - Male 1 White
  • Side Kick - Male 3 White
  • Turning Kick - Male 2 White
  • Reverse Turning Kick - Male 2 White

Adult Dan Belts

  • Punch - Male 2 White - Female N/A
  • Knifehand - Male 2 White - Female 1 White
  • Side Kick - Male 4 White - Female 3 White
  • Turning Kick - Male 3 White - Female 2 White
  • Reverse Tn Kick - Male 3 White - Female N/A

Team Power

Team Power will is comprised of 3 techniques:

  • Knifehand
  • Turning Kick
  • Side Piercing Kick

Once the teams have been formed the the number of boards for each team event will be confirmed. For the peewee/intermediate team they will perform Elbow & Side Kick only.

Special Technique

These are from last year, and will be made more specific to this tournament when the entries are in and we see what divisions we definitely have and what is combined, but this should give you all an idea of what to be training for.

Peewee Coloured Belt (male/female combined)

  • Flying High Front Kick - 1.5m
  • Flying High Side Kick - .7m

Junior/Intermediate Coloured Belt Female

  • Flying High Front - 1.7m
  • Flying High Side - .9m

Intermediate Coloured Belt Male

  • Flying High Front - 1.8m
  • Flying High Side - 1.1m

Senior Men’s Coloured Belt

  • Flying High Front - 2.1m
  • Flying High Side - 1.2m

Women Coloured/Black Belt combined

  • Flying High Front - 2.1m
  • Flying High Side - 1.2m
  • Flying High Turning - 1.8m

Senior/Junior Male Black Belt

  • Flying High Front - 2.2m
  • Flying High Side - 1.3m
  • Flying High Turning - 2.0m
  • Flying Mid Air - 1.9m
  • Flying Reverse - 1.9m

Team Specialty

Team Specialty is comprised of 3 techniques:

  • Flying front kick
  • Flying side kick
  • Flying turning kick

Peewee/intermediate will just do flying front & flying side kicks.

Heights will be as per Womens Heights & Male Black Belt Heights.


Registration for the event is now open - click here to register. Please note that Mosgiel TKD members should not pay your money to the account listed on the signup form, instead that money gets paid to our club and we’ll pay it forward. You can find our clubs bank account number on the Membership Fees page.

If you have any questions about this please see your instructor who can field them in the first instance.