The 2015 South Island Regional Tournament was held on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd of May at the Graham Condon Sports and Rec Centre in Christchurch. Our instructor Mr. Dion Bennett and 11 club members along with a supporting crew of parents headed north for the weekend to take part in the fun.

For many of the participants this was their first taste of a regional tournament, and in some cases their first taste of competitive sparring. All of the mini-kids who went did amazingly well in the ring while the parents and supporters shouted out encouragement and had their hearts in their mouths as their kids battled on.

Notable highlights were:

  • Lachlan Ellis: Best overall blue belt, gold jun blue belt patterns, gold intermediate boys middleweight sparring, silver int men’s colour belt special techniques, silver int men’s power test.
  • Thomas Gibson: Gold boys white belt patterns, gold peewee boys middleweight sparring, bronze peewee boys colour belt special technique.
  • Stella Hansen: Bronze white belt patterns, silver peewee/int girls sparring.
  • Hannah Mooney: Bronze girls micro/lightweight sparring, silver girls power breaking.
  • Hannah Sime: Bronze yellow belt patterns, bronze girls sparring, bronze girls power breaking.
  • Linus Patterson: Bronze peewee boys sparring, bronze peewee patterns.
  • Mara Andrews: Silver red belt patterns jun/sen.
  • Bob Brown: Bronze adult green belt patterns.
  • Matthew Sime: Bronze peewee boys power breaking.
  • Rebekah Sime: Bronze peewee female power breaking.
  • Ada Patterson: Bronze peewee gup girls sparring.

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