We have had an epic year this year with the following events happening:

  • South Island Regionals (in Christchurch)
  • New Zealand Nationals / Oceania Championships (in Tauranga)
  • A grading conducted by Master Evan Davidson (held at Threshold Club)
  • A weekend with the Masters (a two day seminar in Christchurch where we had the full attention of Masters McPhail, Rounthwaite, Rimmer and Patterson)
  • A dan grading (in Lower Hutt) where Mr. Bennet graded from 1st Dan to 2nd Dan and Mr. Ellis graded from 1st Gup to 1st Dan.
  • Final event for the year: A junior gup grading (being held at Threshold Club on Wed 14th Dec)

We are now on our Christmas break (as of Mon 12th December) and will restart training for 2017 on Monday the 16th of January. Merry Christmas to all and safe travels.