As any of the current (or past) members will tell you the Mosgiel TKD club is a family focussed club. We encourage whole families to attend and train and we are one large family ourselves.

Do-bok (Training Uniform)

You do not need a do-bok to start training with us - the first month is free - during this time we recommend that you wear a t-shirt and sweat pants, or something that lets you move freely. Socks are not permitted on the gym floor as they are a slip hazard.

After your month is up (or before if you prefer) you will need to purchase a do-bok. The club can provide these new at a cost of $100 per do-bok - this includes having the do-bok embroidered with our club badge. You can also source a do-bok yourself but please be sure to obtain an ITFNZ approved do-bok as non-approved do-boks may result in refusal of entry to regional and national tournaments.

The sizes available are:

Dobok Size Your Height
110 105 to 114 cm
120 115 to 124 cm
130 125 to 134 cm
140 135 to 144 cm
150 145 to 154 cm
160 155 to 164 cm
170 165 to 174 cm
180 175 to 184 cm
190 185 to 194 cm
200 195 to 204 cm

To order a do-bok fill out the form below and transfer $100.00 into the bank account 06-0901-0685158-00 with DOBOK as the code and your family name as the reference.

Phone Number
Required Size

Clicking "Order Dobok" will send us an email and we'll be in touch with you. We won't order your do-bok until the money has arrived in the club account.

Required Equipment

You are required to bring your own mouthguard. Mouthguards must be transparent and not coloured. A groin guard (or cup) is required for any competition sparring, and shin guards may also be used if desired. Shin guards are not generally required for our usual training sessions.

If you do not bring a mouthguard you will not be able to participate in any sparring. There is no exception to this rule.


From time to time there are additional events held, either locally or elsewhere. You may attend these at the discretion of the instructor and additional costs may be involved (e.g. travel and accommodation costs for out of town events). Before gradings additional sessions are often available on Saturday or Sunday to assist with focussing on specific areas that may need attention.

For a list of upcoming events see the Upcoming Events page.


Regular attendance is expected (and required if you wish to grade) however in the event of not being able to make it a courtesy message to let us know is appreciated. You can post a message on Facebook, fill out the contact form or text the instructor directly.


From time to time we hold fundraising events so that we can cover the costs of running the club (venue hire, equipment purchase) and also to financially assist members with attending events out of town. We expect members to keep an open mind to how they can assist in this area. It may be fundraising at school with chocolates, helping out at a supermarket raffle stall or turning sausages at Mitre 10. If you have other ideas or suggestions we would love to hear them.