Check out the flyer for this seminar here

Master Evan Davidson, 8th Dan, is coming south to conduct the September grading which is on Saturday the 12th of September. The Master will also be running a seminar focusing on the coloured belt self defence syllabus, prior to the grading.

All students are invited, and those grading from clubs in Otago must attend this seminar which begins at 1.00pm.

This great opportunity to train with the Master is open to all TKDers who wish to attend, whether you are grading or not. There is no charge to participate.

The seminar finishes at 2.30pm and the grading will begin at 3.00pm.

See below highlights of the ITF Master Grading in New Zealand, February 2013, featuring Masters Evan Davidson and Paul McPhail testing for their 8th dan and Mr Steve Pellow testing for his 7th dan.