Dobok (Training Uniform)

You do not need a dobok to start training with us. The first month is free and during this time we recommend that you wear a t-shirt and sweat pants, or something that lets you move freely. Socks are not permitted on the gym floor as they are a slip hazard.

After your month is up (or before if you prefer) you will need to purchase a dobok. The club can provide these new with appropriate embroidered club badge at a cost of either $75 or $95 per dobok, depending on your preference.

The options are:

Both are excellent quality. The matrix style is a lighter fabric which some people prefer, and the cheaper polycotton style may be a better option for younger students who will (sadly!) outgrow their dobok. Also note, the prices listed above include a discount for purchasing through our club.

To order a dobok follow these steps:

  • Transfer either $75 or $95 per dobok into the club bank account 06-0901-0685158-00 with DOBOK as the code and your family name as the reference.
  • Send an email to with the size you would like to purchase (see table on the right).
  • We'll order the dobok for you and arrange embroidering.

The doboks are designed to be loosely fitting and we recommend ordering a size larger than required, especially if the student is still growing. You may source a dobok yourself but please be sure to obtain an ITFNZ approved dobok as non-approved doboks may result in refusal of entry to regional and national tournaments.

Dobok Size Your Height
110 105 to 114 cm
120 115 to 124 cm
130 125 to 134 cm
140 135 to 144 cm
150 145 to 154 cm
160 155 to 164 cm
170 165 to 174 cm
180 175 to 184 cm
190 185 to 194 cm
200 195 to 204 cm